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Names are very similar throughout the Muslim world although there are some regional differences in trannsliteration and pronounciation.Most Arabic names consist of several elements and during the classical period were formed according to a strict pattern.This is an honorific which designates one individual as 'father' abu or 'mother' umm of another although one did not necessarily have to have children in order to be given one.The father might become 'Abu Hasan' or 'father of Hasan' and the mother, 'Umm Ahmad' or 'mother of Ahmad' although the use of a daughter's name would be more usual.

Sami Nasri Sami Niku Sami Panico Sami Patel Sami Raffoul Sami Rusani Sami Ryhanen Sami Sakkinen Sami Salem Sami Salim Sami Salo Sami Sauiluma Sami Saula Sami Slimani Sami Spenner Sami Sweeney Sami Trabelsi Sami Tuitupou Sami ul-Hasan Sami Vantanen Sami Vatane Sami Vatanen Sami Yafa Sami Yaffa Sami Zayn Samia Samia Abbari Samia Ahmed Samia Arslane Samia Bouchareb Samia Fahim Nawaz Samia Farouki Samia Finnert Samia Finnerty Samia Ghadie Samia Grand-Pierre Samia Hannouni Samia Longchambon Samia Muriel Chancrin Samia Najimy Samia Najimy Finnerty Samia Nakhoul Samia Smith Samia Zaman Samie Parker Samier Dandan Samih Sawiris Samii Ryan Samile Bermannelli Samin Sharma Samina Ahmad Samina Ahmed Samina Akbar Samina Mir Samina Rind Samina Virk Saminda Abeyruwan Saminda Eranga Samini Samir Samir Ait Said Samir Almalla Samir Amarshi Samir Arabi Samir Arghandiwall Samir Arora Samir Aslam Samir Azzimani Samir Badro Samir Barac Samir Belhouchat Samir Benamar Samir Boudjemaa Samir Boulos Samir Brahimi Samir Caetano Samir Carruther Samir Carruthers Samir Caruthers Samir Cesar Sabadin Samir Chatterjee Samir Dahmani Samir Desai Samir Dos Santos Barbosa Samir Doughty Samir El Verdadero Samir El-mais Samir El-mais of Samir Farid Samir Gandhi Samir Ghanem Samir Goel Samir Guesmi Samir Gupta Samir Handannovic Samir Handanov Samir Handanovi Samir Handanovic Samir Handanovich Samir Handonovic Samir Housri Samir Jamaa Samir Joubran Samir Kantar Samir Khedira Samir Kochhar Samir Longchambon Samir Malla Samir Mastiev Samir Mouneimne Samir Mrabet Samir Muratovic Samir Nabi Samir Nabiyev Samir Nari Samir Nasiri Samir Nasr Samir Nasri Samir Nasril Hussain Abdulsalam Samir Nouioua Samir Qantar Samir Radovac Samir Sabet D' Acre Samir Sabri Samir Sadikhov Samir Sellami Samir Shah Samir Singh Samir Sukno Samir Sumaidaie Samir Tergaoui Samir Trabouls Samir Traboulsi Samir Ujikani Samir Ujkani Samir Ujkani Fabio Daprela Samir Yahia Samir Zaoui Samira Samira (Yasmine) Kassari Samira Ahmed Samira Ahrabian Samira Amiransari Samira Bologna Samira Burkhardt Samira Frassa Samira Hussein Samira Ibrahim Samira Makhmalbaf Samira Nasr Samira Ouass Samira Panah Samira Raif Samira Rice Samira Rocha Samira Saraya Samira Sine Samira Singhvi-Charbonnier Samira suleman Samira Wiley Samirames Marins Samire Handanovic Samirian Viviane Grimberg Samisioni Fisilau Samisoni Fisilau Samisoni Langi Samisoni Latunipula Samisoni Latunipulu Samisoni Nasagavesi Samisoni Taukei'aho Samisoni Tongotongo Samisoni Viriviri Samit Pate Samit Patel Samit Patell Samiu Vahafolau Samiuela Ulufonua Samiuela Vea Samiullah Shenwari Samiullah Shinwari Samiya Arslane Samjay Lumpkin Samju Seo Samkelo Radebe Samkon Gado Sam Lara Canin-Henkel Samm Butler Samm Denena Samm Haillay Samm Hodges Samm Levine Samm Mackin Samm Man Sammantha Harris Sammantha Hemsworth Sammantha Jade Sammara Schmitzer Sammarco Sammi " Sweetheart" Giancola Sammi Ash Sammi Barber Sammi Benz Sammi Bissell Sammi Blansett Sammi Cheng Sammi Fridi Sammi Fridjonsson Sammi Gaspar Sammi Giancola Sammi Hanratty Sammi Khedira Sammi Leibovitz Sammi Miller Sammi Rotib Sammi Rotibi Sammi Sanchez Sammi Seltzer Sammi Siddiqui Sammi Winwood Sammie Sammie Allan Sammie Coates Sammie Coats Sammie Dai Sammie Henson Sammie Hill Sammie Lee Hill Sammie Long IV Sammie Mays Sammie Rhodes Sammie Russell Sammie Sherlock Sammie Stroughter Sammie Szmodics Sammie Williams Sammie Yu Sammir Sammir Dattani Sammir Handanovic Sammis Reyes Sammo Hung Sammo Hung Kam Bo Sammy Sammy "Sweetheart" Giancola Sammy Adams Sammy Aflalo Sammy Allen Sammy Ameobi Sammy Arriaga Sammy Baca Sammy Barber Sammy Barnes-Thompkins Sammy Barnes-Thompson Sammy Bayes Sammy Block Sammy Bossut Sammy Boyarsky Sammy Brown Sammy Brue Sammy Carlson Sammy Chand Sammy Clingan Sammy Coates Sammy Cools Sammy D Sammy Deluxe Sammy Douglas Sammy Droke Sammy Fayed Sammy Fleeton Sammy Gervacio Sammy Giancola Sammy Glazer Sammy Glover Sammy Haga Sammy Hagar Sammy Haggar Sammy Hanratty Sammy Hart Sammy Hill Sammy J Sammy Jakubiak Sammy James Sammy James Jr.Social Activism in Mauritania When she visited Mauritania in January, Erin Pettigrew was surprised to note a revival of interest in the history of the Kadehiin, an underground leftist movement active in the late 1960s and early 1970s.Surprised and pleased, since the movement is the subject of her current research. Samuel Alito Stephen Breyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg Samuel Allen Samuel Allison Samuel Ameobi Samuel Amoia Samuel Andazola Samuel Anderson Samuel Andrew Mobberley Samuel Angers Samuel Annen Samuel Anthony Alito Samuel Appiah Samuel Armenteros Samuel Arnot Samuel Asselin Samuel Aubele Samuel Badree Samuel Bailey Samuel Baran Samuel Barclay Samuel Bard Samuel Barnet Samuel Barnett Samuel Bartley Samuel Bass Samuel Bastien Samuel Bathfield Samuel Bauer Samuel Baum Samuel Bayer Samuel Beam Samuel Beard Samuel Beasley Samuel Belkin Samuel Beltz Samuel Bencherit Samuel Benchetrit Samuel Bennett Samuel Bensoussan Samuel Berger Samuel Billings Samuel Binning Samuel Bish Samuel Black Samuel Blanchet Samuel Blenkinsop Samuel Blier Samuel Bodma Samuel Bodman Samuel Bonorden Samuel Bordoli Samuel Borkson Samuel Botero Samuel Bottomley Samuel Brauner Samuel Brengelman Samuel Brown Samuel Bryam Samuel Bucek Samuel Bucio Samuel Burgess Samuel Burke Samuel Burley Samuel Cairns Samuel Cali Samuel Callaway Samuel Carmona Heredia Samuel Carrier Samuel Carson Samuel Carter Samuel Casey Carter Samuel Castillejo Samuel Chan Samuel Chasten Samuel Chatto Samuel Chavez Samuel Chocron Samuel Chung Samuel Ciccone Samuel Cirnansck Samuel Clayden Samuel Clucas Samuel Cochran Samuel Coco-Villoin Samuel Collardey Samuel Collier Samuel Collins Samuel Colomban Samuel Conner Samuel Contesti Samuel Cordova Samuel Cosby Samuel Costa Samuel Crooks Samuel Cross Samuel Crouser Samuel Cubitt Samuel Culverwell Samuel Curtis Samuel D' Alessandro Samuel D. Pollard Samuel da Costa Samuel Dakin Samuel Dalembert Samuel David Moore Samuel Davis Samuel De Bona Samuel de los Reyes Samuel Dedundo Samuel Deduno Samuel Deduno #45 of the Houston Astros Samuel Deeds Samuel Del Val Samuel Delany Samuel De Maio Samuel Demoulin Samuel Deutsch Samuel Di Carmine Samuel Dickinson Samuel Diekmann Samuel Dixon Samuel Dobb Samuel Doggett Samuel Dominguez Samuel Dommer Samuel Dorman Samuel Dove-Mc Falls Samuel Dowlen Samuel Draper Samuel Drira Samuel Dumoulin Samuel Dunell Samuel Dupratt Samuel Duque Roso Samuel Dust Samuel E. Wright Samuel Eaves Samuel Edney Samuel Edney of Canada Samuel Edwards Samuel Ellison Samuel Elsmore Samuel Ero Samuel Escobar Samuel espinoza Samuel Etienne Samuel Eto ò Samuel Eto'o Samuel Eto'o Fils Samuel F. Morse Samuel Feeney Samuel Figg Samuel Finz Samuel Finzi Samuel Fisher Samuel Flynn Scott Samuel Formell Samuel Forster Samuel Fox Samuel Francis Samuel Fridjonsson Samuel Frisch Samuel Frost Samuel Fry Samuel Frycke-Cunningham Samuel G. Sammy Vertucci Sammy Voigt Sammy Wanjiru Sammy Watkins Sammy Watkins1 Sammy Wilk Sammy Wilkinson Sammy Williams Sammy Wilson Sammy Winward Sammy Wolf Sammy Younai Sammy Zeglinski Sammy Zeglinsky Sammy Zola Sammyr Martinez Samnatha Racki Komiega Samnatha Yanks Samntha Harris Samntha Yanks Samo Samoa Samoa Hixon Samoa Meafua Samoa Rugby Samoa Tolao Samoa Toloa Samoa Willoughby Samoilovs Aleksandrs Samoine Chapman Samom Sowona Samon Nathan Samona Fusca Samone Leach Samora Olavan Samora Olayaw Samora Olayon Samora Pinderhughes Samore Love Samou Yatabare Samourai Du Thot Sampeah Sampha Sampie Mastriet Sampie Mastriet Ambrose Curtis Sampson Carter Sampson Clarkson Sampson Genus Sampson Lewkowicz Sampson Salvoldon Samr Al Marzooqi Samr al Mazooqi Samra Samraat Samrat Chakrabarti Samsal Dalibor Samsen O' Neill Samsidah Begom binti Abdul Syukur Samson Samson Anguay Samson Chilupe Samson Chiu Samson Cosray Smith Samson Ebukam Samson Gebreyohannes Samson Idiata Samson Kafovalu Samson Kiflemariam Samson Koti Samson Lee Samson Lee Mun Hou Samson Lee of Wales Samson Lewkawic Samson Logan Samson Nacua Samson Ngoepe Samson Oni Samson Onyango Samson Pehi Samson Satele Samson Schuiling Samson Siasia Samson Soboye Samson Styles Samson Szakacsy Samson Tor Buamas Samson Usilo Samson Young Samsoni Langi Samsonov Vladimir Samsudeen Sarr Samsul Arifin Samtha Yanks Samu Samu Castillejo Samu Domoni Samu Habe Samu Haber Samu Kerev Samu Kerevi Samu Kubunavanua Samu Manoa Samu Monoa Samu Perhonen Samu Saqiwa Samu Torsti Samu Vunisa Samu Wara Samual Anderson Samual Crawford Samual Ellis Samual L Jackson Samual Mitchinson Samual Weale Samudio Samuel Samuel A Alito Jr. Alito Samuel Aaron Bennett Samuel Adams Samuel Adelebari Francis Samuel Affleck Samuel Afum Samuel Albrecht Samuel Alito Samuel Alito Jr.

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