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John "Bradshaw" Layfield's net worth million 17. She was awarded 70% of the couple's liquid assets, a 40% stake in all of Hogan companies, six luxury cars and millions more in property. Hulk Hogan's net worth million According to the article, Hogan lost an estimated million in his divorce from ex-wife Linda.

2nd round matches have a 20 minute time limit * Abbey Laith defeated Rachel Evers. Huge dueling "Let's go Rachel/Let's Go Abbey" chants at the start.

RAW superstar CM Punk is said to be unhappy in WWE and is considering leaving the company when his contract expires later this year.

Punk is burned out from five years on the road and is not happy with other stars such as The Miz and Alberto Del Rio getting pushed over him.

Kocianski had a successful amateur wrestling career in high school, before being trained by the All Knighters.

After her debut in May 2001, she wrestled for numerous independent promotions, and was the inaugural GLORY Champion.

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Serena Deeb vs Piper Niven is shown on screen as a match for later * Piper Niven defeated Serena Deeb. Serena gets her knees up as Piper goes for a running senton.

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